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Human Giving


2 I Am
3 Omniscient
4 Fell Ill
5 Truss
6 No Self
7 Human Becoming
8 Character Study
9 Guiding Light
10 Aging
11 Within/Without
12 American Storyteller
Recorded between Sept 2015-Jan 2016 by Darto in a cabin in Cle Elum, WA, and our home in Seattle, WA. Mixed in Aug 2016 by Cory Hanson at Comp-ny in Burbank, CA . Mastered in March 2017 by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering in Ventura, CA.

A lot happened between the time we wrote Human Giving, and mastered it. Many people besides Darto made this record what it is. It means a lot that we have such a supportive community who are willing to help us with our ideas. A huge reason we do what we do is because we are constantly inspired by those closest to us. A lot of the songs, and themes in this record are a direct result of our loved ones, many of which had a hand in the sound and vision of it both directly and indirectly. It certainly makes our life very rich and rewarding. 

We are extremely proud of this record. Writing, recording, mixing and mastering it was the most intentional musical experience we have had to date, and a huge part of that was because of our special friend who mixed it, Cory. We took a lot of chances on it, and grew exponentially in the process. It felt, and feels like we walked through many doors while working on it, and the place we ended up is very similar to the place where we were as young people first deciding to create. A vulnerable first step towards something larger.

The album comes from the places within us where hope and love exist. Where the focus is not on the self, and where everything is possible. Humans giving themselves to other humans. The power of listening on all fronts. The desired effect is and was to bring hope in some capacity.



2 I Am
I am the weight of this world
Holding on to what can be done
I am the means to an end
A place for change to begin again
We are one
I am the blood of the land
Waning toward what I am
I am within, in all ways known
Beyond the open space a face is shown
I am none
What can be done with a thought?
What I am here for and what I am not

3 Omniscient
I brought you flowers
I said goodbye three times
All the petals turned brown so I left them in the lawn
You’ve left
There’s nothing
They’ve all gone too
It’s nowhere     
The streets remind us
We never felt so full here
Lie down the photo is there
Hanging on the wall
In time becoming your own
I’m fine
Stories you told us
Someday you’ll come this way she’s
Untying the yellow ribbon
See how we’re older now
The story’s remained unchanged
We never knew
I’m fine

4 Fell Ill
I don’t want to live past Friday night
Gonna make love to the Sunday diet
Told my people to lay and stay
Cause today is my big day
I get up to letting God down
And knowing he’s not around
Tomorrow looks so bright
Glowing underneath the city’s light
I’m a man, and I cut loose
I’m a man and I speak the truth
Family only wants to define
I am my own design
Hello woman satisfy me
Goodbye women don’t worry about me
This suit would never lie even if I could try
What’s that you say of my stare
My eyes are blank and the world is bare
If you peer further down maybe I’ll still come around
I’m a man and I cut loose
I’m a man and I speak the truth
Family only wants to define
I am my own design
Now I see it the world at my feet
Now I believe I too am free
Belief too is to believe I am he thee one who sees
And in the end I know I’ve won
Just some brother’s forgotten son
If it came as a surprise at least you saw my first disguise
I’m a man and I cut loose
I’m a man and I speak the truth
Family only wants to define
I am my own design

5 Truss
A door opens at normal velocity
and a young girl steps into the frame
Standing inside the opening she waits
The entrance is old
It towers over her in height
and with both arms half extended
the palms of her hands reach out
and grip the frame
Her muscles work against the wood
and around it as it sits firm in place
She is always looking ahead
When her body gets tired from the strain
she relaxes her arms in place
They remain on either side of the frame
balancing the rest of her body
Now her fingers do the work
of keeping her in place as her mind resumes
and her blood slows to its normal pace
She thinks about this and waits
before allowing herself to pass through
The idea framed

6 No Self
Pas de soi
Pas de fenêtre
Se reconnaître
Turning to repeating innate beliefs and
Underestimating the weight of each piece
Harbor your habits
Peace comes somewhere

7 Human Becoming
And what becomes of the urgency of fancy or ambition when you have the dead to attend to? And the dead will not be denied. And they will not be resolved, regardless of the magnitude or application of love and loss. We collect ourselves for a funeral, thinking to call it a day and put it to rest, but all that comes of it is an awkward waltz with those not yet dead, like soggy crepe paper and mud on your church shoes when you get home and wonder why you should bother taking them off before getting into bed. If you asked me what I believe, I really couldn’t tell you. Still, I look up at the late afternoon sky in November and see how the contrails look like they’ve been sliced into the thickening blue of the sky and are bleeding gold and light until the wound turns to smoke and the heavens heal themselves.

8 Character Study
Whatever comes
I don’t want to know
I just want to grow
Hope will only heal my life
As the moon sets into the sky you try
Recalling a memory passed by of why
Your parents opt to fall and hide and sigh
Even as your children lie you won’t say goodbye
As the sun rises in the sky you cry
On the choice to move aside and why
You do what you can to get by besides
It’s better than staying inside to die

9 Guiding Light
Say goodbye to all you knew
Passed down much too soon
Build a bridge inside your mind
Connect the pieces in time
My mind is mine
Time, neither yours nor mine
Be here now
Stay inside this song
So what you know by now
Is proven wrong
How could this have been so wrong?
Long days spent inside this song

10 Aging
It’s just about letting go
It’s not about time
It’s only in your mind
Paths can be opened
The future is chosen
Your right
As a human being
As a human first seeing
It’s true what’s said about a home
It’s true it’s in you
Your right to be here
Your right to grow aware
It’s true it’s in you

11 Within/Without
You can
Go alone
Your right
Know how
Your own
Look up
Go out
Please me
Please believe
Lean in the night now can you see its over
Deaf in the quiet know what you bring you’re older
There were times I felt alright
There were times that I felt all right

12 American Storyteller
Waiting around for that southbound train
Still don’t know when I’ll see you again
Southbound train boundless plains
Love has changed weighs the same
Forge the way price I pay
Still cant stay born this way
Say goodbye at the northbound train
Fall in love all over again
Northbound train bound to change
Know it’s name comes like rain
Life is plain don’t remain
Love seems strange play that game