Life With Darto
Human Giving

September 8th, 2017

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2 I Am
3 Omniscient
4 Fell Ill
5 Truss
6 No Self
7 Human Becoming
8 Character Study
9 Guiding Light
10 Aging
11 Within/Without
12 American Storyteller
Recorded between Sept 2015-Jan 2016 by Darto in a cabin in Cle Elum, WA, and our home in Seattle, WA. Mixed in Aug 2016 by Cory Hanson at Comp-ny in Burbank, CA . Mastered in March 2017 by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering in Ventura, CA.

A lot happened between the time we wrote Human Giving, and mastered it. Many people besides Darto made this record what it is. It means a lot that we have such a supportive community who are willing to help us with our ideas. A huge reason we do what we do is because we are constantly inspired by those closest to us. A lot of the songs, and themes in this record are a direct result of our loved ones, many of which had a hand in the sound and vision of it both directly and indirectly. It certainly makes our life very rich and rewarding. 

We are extremely proud of this record. Writing, recording, mixing and mastering it was the most intentional musical experience we have had to date, and a huge part of that was because of our special friend who mixed it, Cory. We took a lot of chances on it, and grew exponentially in the process. It felt, and feels like we walked through many doors while working on it, and the place we ended up is very similar to the place where we were as young people first deciding to create. A vulnerable first step towards something larger.

The album comes from the places within us where hope and love exist. Where the focus is not on the self, and where everything is possible. Humans giving themselves to other humans. The power of listening on all fronts. The desired effect is and was to bring hope in some capacity.

Eat shit and die on Mother Earth.